CBD Buyer's Guide

Our CBD Buyer's Guide

It's very important when buying CBD that you look for the following points. There's a LOT of very low quality products out there.  


Look for CBD that has been processed in the USA from organically sourced farms.

Look at the concentration of CBD in the product. Calculate the right dosage based on your weight and your level of need. 

Look for 3rd party testing. This ensures unbiased testing for quality and safety.

Look for a company that discloses its extraction method.  We use CO2 extraction.  

Do not buy CBD from companies that make medical claims about their products treating medical conditions. This is a federal violation.


Make sure the levels of THC is below .03% anything higher is illegal in most states.

Look for the actual amount of CBD in the test results. Some companies do not list the actual amount in their products.

Make sure there is a phone number listed. Shady or sub-par companies make it almost impossible to contact them.

Make sure it is sold legally. There are lots of companies popping up everywhere. Many have poor quality products.

At Lost Coast Wellness we pride ourselves on having effective, high-quality products.  All product labels contain a QR code that links to the product's test results for you to view before you buy.  We also pride ourselves on transparency.

If you buy cheap products, you get what you pay for!  Contact us at Info@LostCoastWellness.com with questions.