Quality Control & Testing

Quality Control from Seed to Sale

First and foremost we start with quality seeds with proven tested genetics that are certified by the Colorado State Agricultural Department . Next our chosen farming practices are organic and regenerative to ensure quality, consistency and sustainability. We combine these traditional farming practices with modern technology for optimal results.

Our farm partners have developed proprietary technology designed to know when harvest is optimal. This technology aims to achieve the highest quality harvest from outdoor environments. In addition to this system, state inspectors collect samples of the plants while the plants are still in the ground from six different locations of the field. These tests confirm that the plants are under the legal limit of .03% THC.

The harvesting and curing process is closely monitored and is in climate controlled buildings. 

Our next stage is lab processing of biomass into CO2 crude.  The crude is further refined into isolate and distillate. These extracts are tested by a third party testing lab. The extraction protocols are our own standard operating procedures that we use to achieve quality and consistency. This also ensures that our cannabidiol extract is clean, pesticide free and heavy metal free.


The manufacturing process creates another touch point, which triggers another round of testing for us. This test is done by a different third party testing lab. Our final products are batch tested and the results are regularly updated on our website. Don’t forget to check the QR code on the product labels for instant testing information and potency. We want you to see the test results before you buy our products.  

New product R&D goes through the same rigorous testing.

 Available Products with Testing Results:

CBD Oil Pulling Medium

100mg CBD Tincture, 5mL

600mg CBD Tincture, 1oz

150mg CBD Tincture, 5ml

900mg CBD Tincture, 1oz

250mg CBD Tincture, 5mL

1500mg CBD Tincture, 1oz

300mg CBD Tincture, 5mL

1800mg CBD Tincture, 1oz

CBD Vaginal Probiotic

CBD Face Serum

CBD Skin Cream

CBD Body Cream

CBD Face Cream

CBD Relief Cream

CBD Foot Cream